My greatest professional satisfaction is building and growing teams, while helping its members meet their own professional goals.

My philosophy of team management is simple

  • Support: I firmly believe in seeing my team as both employees and people, and in giving them the support and flexibility they need to succeed both professionally and personally.
  • Respect: I treat my employees with respect and consideration.  If constructive criticism is needed, I give it without judgement, and with an eye only to helping that employee succeed.  And I’m always looking for specific ways to praise my team when a job is well done.
  • Conversation: I am constantly engaged in conversation with my team about their work. They always knows where they stand with me – if formal performance appraisals are required, my team is never surprised by what they hear, because they’ve heard it already.

I think it is because of this philosophy that I’ve remained close to most of the people I’ve supervised – and that is one of the things I’m most proud of professionally.

  • Developed processes and procedures to aid content producers in their day to day jobs.
  • Designed SharePoint job request queue, creating multiple forms and reports.
  • Supervised web designers and analysts
  • Trained new content production staff.

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